Robust; Informative 3D Models

Yes! we can provide you with the fancy and high-quality 3D model you seek.

Level of detailing can be as low as LOD100 up to as sophisticated as LOD500. The level of information is dealt with separately, and can be as modest as LOi100 or as rich as LOi500.

Clash Detection / Solving

Don't forget to ask for the clash report. Will you solve them by yourself, or will you trust us on that? The call is yours.

4D Planning and Simulation

A model without a 4D planning; a king without a crown. Engage a fourth dimension in your model's head.

Cost Estimation

To have a drawing of a vase is something, and to make it real is another. It's all about the cost, my dear, and we can help you get to predict it.

Tender Documents

A true Dementor, indeed! But not to us, for that we conjure a Patronus charm. Rest assure that we're qualified to prepare the tender documents for you.

Training Courses

How about exploring BIM world; basics, essentials, and bells and whistles? We offer courses; in groups, individually, through Skype... You name it!

Design and Consultation

A local customer eager for a worthy consultation service? Don't hesitate to contact us.